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"Below the ground something is brewing."

0331 Records

Recording and producing

0331 records is an independent record label based around DIY values and the love of heavy music. The longstanding goal has been, from day one, to offer a helping hand to bands we love. No egos, no "ulterior financial goals", no corporate BS. Dedication to the music is the name of the game here.



If you’re into underground music, HC RO should be no stranger to you…at all. Being the host of many underground shows for the past 5 years, HC RO managed to pump life into the Romanian underground musical scene by filling it with important names from all the metal areas: hardcore, stoner, punk, you name it. HC RO is a non-profit organization, and managed to do all these show without any income. It’s all about the music, the good vibes, the people, so every profit HC RO made was invested back into the next shows and so on. Beat that. Find out more about HC RO here

VZR Graphics

Artwork and graphic design

Take a trip into the dystopia of drawing and enjoy the dark world of Cătălin Oltei aka VZR. The fine lines and precise dots create a unique balance between beauty and cryptic decay. With a strong eerie feeling and a morbid imagination, VZR’s drawings can make you look at them all day and not get bored. VZR studied Graphic Design at the Art University in Bucharest and can design everything, from logos to merchandise, tattoos and artworks. He is always open for collaborations, so check out more of his works here


Community outreach

As a tradition spawned for the ever imaginative Headfullofnoise, which was a live anual campaign gig for underground bands (from Bucharest, Romania, in the beginning - bands can't afford to travel that much.. ), the live recording sessions have become a part of the new formed media group, 7inc. Now we can accomodate live filming ( to a total of 3 to 4 cameras, if needed ) and sound recording and mixing for venue or small shows. We can also provide the whole audio installation (monitoring, sound amplifier, mixer, cables, microphones). Check them out here


Web development and online solutions

CodeForge is a web agency based in Bucharest, Romania. With over 7 years of experience, CodeForge is a hand of creative and talented young minds that strive to find innovative ideas and solutions for various clients. It’s all about being up to date with the latest tech trends. Find out more here

The 7inc team

7inc is a platform that supports underground music. The platform is a merger between the record label 0331records, HC RO events ∧ booking, VZR graphics, Headfullofnoise and CodeForge. The purpose of the 7inc project is to create, support, and promote underground music and events, being able to self-sustain everything it implies, from recording, photography and video to advertising, programming and design solutions. 7inc is the movement that will keep the underground music scene alive and kicking for many years to come and to showcase the next generation of counter culture music in all of its different forms.

Contact us

If you'd like to know more about us or have a project that you want to bring to stage, drop us a line.

AddressBucuresti, Romania
Phone number+40-723.279.636